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Amelie Aldner was born in Norrköping, Sweden 

She was a shy and sensitive child

She dreamed of being a pop star

She didn't believe in herself enough to pursue her dreams

She found an alternate route but ran in to health issues, mental health issues and self destructive patterns 

Closing in on her 40's she had the ULTIMATE EPIPHANY and decided to be brave enough to follow the dreams of her "little girl self"

Amelie Aldner black and white photography

Everyone needs healing

I believe it's never too late to make the most of your time on earth. Remove the veil of ignorance, come out of hiding and not let patriarchal rules dictate how you choose to live your life. There is NO SHAME in following your hearts calling. And I hope to inspire you to listen to your own heart! I write lyrics that reflect on my own life's experiences, my emotional world, my relationship to myself, others and the world around us. And I aim to write music that will heal wounds and insecurity's, build bravery and inspire positive action in YOU. I want to be part of healing the world the best way I possibly can. I feel immense love for all of you who fight the good fight. All my love to you and your journey!


You can only run for so long

Amelie was as the quote from the famous song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA says; "a singer before the could talk and a dancer before she could walk". But she never believed in herself as a pop singer. She didn't think she could sing that way, she was too shy to belt away and really voice her heart and souls expression. Turning 9, 10, 11 years old she gained a lot of weight and that also made her feel she didn't look "right" for it.(!)

She couldn't live without the music though, she tried pursuing other career paths, but she needed to sing. Singing was breathing, it was living and surviving. So she found a sneaky solution and pursued classical music. Which many people find ironic since singing opera is hugely demanding, "why would that be the easier choice?". But isn't it always a little easier to do something that doesn't really mean THAT much to you? Creating a protective space where music was still there but she could still hide away who she really was and not risk being rejected FOR REAL was a safe plan. Turns out you can only run from yourself for so long. Amelie started seeing self destructive patterns in her self, self sabotage and health issues. She ended up in a an existential void. And seemingly late in the game, she came to the insight that even though she had convinced herself that being an opera singer was her ultimate dream, there was a completely different artist inside her DYING to come out. And she made the choice at almost 40 years old to pursue a career as a pop singer and songwriter. Thank you for following her journey


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