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Amelie Aldner was born in Norrköping, Sweden.


She moved to Norway to study at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and she never left.

She is now a professional singer and songwriter who lives in Suldal, Rogaland. 

Amelie Aldner black and white photography

A healing place

Suldal is a beautiful place. You feel close to something magical here. It's a calm and inspiring place to write music. 

With the mountain view outside my window, the steeping hills to get my pulse up when ever I go out for a walk. The moody weather and cold fjord. The natural forces and energies make you connected to greater powers, and healing.

I have found myself a good way from "home" and feel like the whole world is my home now.

Music and nature are both healing, and here I have both.


Born to sing

Amelie was  "a singer before the could talk and a dancer before she could walk" (quote ABBA "Dancing Queen). There was never any doubt in her mind that she needed to sing. 

It turns out she picked the "wrong" genre for many years. She pursued classical singing and never found that peace/fulfillment/calm/joy that makes you know you're in the right place.


Only through heavy and very painful soul searching, personal growth and re-programming of vocal technique; she found her way back to pop music, the true love of her musical life.


And a new adventure started. 


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