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Updated: Oct 18

I went to London, Los Angeles and New York this year to pursue my new project; New songs with all female producers. When I came back I did this photo shoot, the "naked" photoshoot. Some people seem to find the female body very threatening. Men can walk around with their nipples showing without being called the male equivalent of whore, indecent, cheap, sexually provocative, slutty or what ever. My nipples actually don't show in these pictures although I am partly undressed. These pictures were actually inspired by Christina Aguileras cover to her album "Stripped" and they express such an important message to me.

I am a whole person, I am a woman, I am talented, I am smart, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am sexual and I am vulnerable, honest and open at this point in my life. The metaphor of being naked, shredding my layers of un-authenticity is the theme of several of my up-coming songs. I am standing strong and baring my soul.

I AM a feminist, I AM NOT an object, and being undressed does NOT give anyone the right to objectify my body or thinking they have any right to it. I own my body, my naked skin, my right to be a human in every way, to be a woman and be free. This is partly what my song "Never be enough" is about. I'll tell you more about it later. Love yourself, your WHOLE self and stand tall.

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