«When a stage artist grabs and succeeds in holding your attention through a natural insistence that you shall listen and pay attention to her/him - well, then you know that you have been exposed to the gifts of a true stage ‘animal’. They are far and few between.  

Amelie is here. Beware of spellbindings, people!»

- John Lidal, pianist, concert accompanist and coach 

«Le chant bien entendu, accentue cette caractérisation des protagonistes. Amelie Aldenheim (Amour) et Marita Sølberg (Drusilla) possèdent un soprano lumineux et chaud adapté à leurs rôles.»

- Forum Opera 

  «Amelie Aldenheim is a stage talent of dimensions. She already masters the art of acting in a stunning way, the tendencies of overplay was beautifully balanced and controled in the right moment.»

- Kulturspeilet 

«Amelie Aldenheim is a small miracle of stage charm, funny, shy and with a playfull voice that takes on the antics of Haydn with the greatest effortlessness.» - Vårt Land 

...-"a voice so soulful and clear that you just want to close your eyes and enjoy." -Tysvær bygdeblad

 «Amelie Aldenheim perfomes generously both vocally and dramatically and brings out the humour in the libretto.» - Dagsavisen 

«Ausgezeichnet da gegen Magne Fremmerlid als Landgraf und besonders Amelie Aldenheim als Hirtenjunge.» - Kultiversum, der kulturplattform