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The sensation of

Amelie Aldner - The LIVE performer

Amelie is a versatile performer. She is an actress. She is a stage animal. She has the natural presence and movement on stage that ensures to capture the audience. As a live performer she has everything you could ask for. And for the different demands of different venues, contexts, audiences she has three tailored alter egos of performance. And you can learn more about them here.

The star I am

This act is the core of Amelie Aldner as a songwriter and vocalist. She performs her mid-tempo songs and ballads in the pop/rock/soul genre, that really touch your heart and make you feel deeply. Melodies that soar, beats that make you groove, choruses that you find yourself humming, lyrics that stick with you, and an expression of music and voice that is magical, grand, soft, strong, passionate, a level of singing that is fitting a real star. These are kind of songs you love to listen to on the radio, the songs that become legendary, the hits. And Amelie always has a beautiful message in the music she writes. Her songs will for sure enrich your life.

Retro Microphone

The elixir of enjoying life

This act is the edgy, rebellion, extroverted part of Amelie as an artist. The dancer, the sensual, empowered, highly energetic and exuberant artist that inspires you to feel just as empowered, free, happy and makes you want to dance all night long. At times she brings her husband on the saxophone to amp the energy up even more as he is an excellent and entertaining saxophonist. And the two of them together is fireworks.

These are songs about everything from female empowerment to obsessive teenage crushes, self love, owning your sexuality, self-discovery, overcoming mental health issues and it's all packed in a sexy dance beat and the music and lyrics will lift you up and make you feel like you can win any battle.

The singer-songwriter intimate performance

In this act Amelie sings and plays the piano, which is the love-instrument of her life. Here she sings and plays in the traditional performance style of chanson, singing covers of Edith Piaf, Dolly Parton, Joni Mitchell and others, transitioning between jazz, cabaret, pop, country, gospel and soul in a seamless flow of intimate and entertaining interpretations framed by personal and charming anecdotes. This is where Amelie pulls her audience in and improvises in her own repertoire as well as in songs by great female singer-songwriters through the ages. She uses her full spectrum of wit and charm as well as deeply felt emotions, makes you laugh and cry. She will keep you at the edge of your chair with her confident portrayal of every lyric and melody.

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