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"DiVE iNTO THE SEA is about the struggles of mental health issues and the strength in the fantasy land of a child's mind. The music video is filmed exclusively at Sand in Suldal, Norway and celebrates the scenic nature and unique architecture of this small municipality."

Amelie Aldner cover photo for single Dive into the sea

Retro love

"Retro love is the project of Amelie's three debut singles released in March 2023. They're 80's retro style with vintage synths and dance beats. The songs are inspired by specific moments from teenage years into adulthood and life in the 30's. "Will you take me" is about the woes of teenage crushes. "Back to where I came from" is about overcoming mental health issues and growing into a stronger person. "Losing control" is about letting go of the day to day stress and chilling with your partner."

Amelie Aldner cover photo for Losing control
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