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A Real Star

A Real Star is a power ballad with elements of Queen and Adele at the same time. Feeling like a real star doesn't come from outside validation, fame. It comes from overcoming the feelings of un-worthiness and finding love, respect, joy and trust from within. To show up for yourself and your dreams from that place, makes you a superstar!



'It's okay to cry, it's okay to fall, you don't have to carry us all. I can stand on my own, I can catch you alone, give me your confidence.'


Found me is about reconnecting with your childhodd self, and honoring the dreams and truths that you held as a child. It's about embracing your feminity, being you completely, and doing your thing.

Never Be Enough

Never be enough is a dance pop song about self love.  


"you can heal the world if you love yourself girl"

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